Wireless solutions - flexible and individual

Monzoon has substantial experience in the construction and operation of wireless solutions: From planning and implementation through to operation, and from individual mini solutions to carrier back-end systems. We design modular and customized solutions for you!

Monzoon assumes full responsibility for compliance with telecommunications law under Swiss legislation. So you can just sit back and relax!

Complete turnkey solutions

Users expect free Internet, and businesses such as hotel chains and marketing organizations want to provide this as a branded service. Monzoon has solutions to cover all the bases, focusing on your individual requirements every step of the way. From technical assistance for every aspect of your in-house project to a turnkey installation - Monzoon offers a tailor-made solution. Choose from specific services depending on your needs or existing network infrastructure.

Flexible and individual

Would you like to offer free Internet access to guests and visitors, or theme your wireless LAN welcome page to match your corporate design? With Monzoon's Wi-Fi solutions, you design your own access controls, using profiles for time control, content filtering, and bandwidth allocations.

Sponsored Hotspot

Would you like to deepen a business relationship with a supplier or partner? Use the welcome page of your wireless LAN for advertisement and sponsoring or theme the welcome page to match your own corporate design.


Your electrician - our partner: We are happy to work with your trusted electrician, who will perform the necessary on-premises wiring and installation work!

Marketing data

Learn more about your visitors - where do they prefer to spend their time? Do they come back again? Engage in active communication!

Mini-Hotspot - The easy way to start

The Mini-Hotspot is an alternative to the full solution: Perfect for your restaurant, lounge, or meeting room, and for fitness centers and cafeterias