Operating networks

Just sit back and let us take care of monitoring your network. Monzoon handles all aspects of operation and conducts functionality checks throughout the network:

  • Continuous monitoring of local components for proper functioning
  • Remote maintenance or service callouts in the event of a malfunction
  • Replacement hardware held in stock (one of each device type), guarantee work, configuration of replacement devices, delivery
  • Firmware upgrades as required, coordinated with system functionality/upgrades
  • Continuous uplink monitoring, bandwidth upgrades in advance of predictable bottlenecks
  • Execution of lawful interception measures in collaboration with the responsible authorities
  • Monthly provision of usage statistics without personal data
    • Sessions: number, total duration, average duration, hour-by-hour activity
    • Graphic upload/download of traffic profile
    • Unique user devices (number)
    • Upload/download (total, session average)
    • Maintenance report (including summary of device-/port-blocking events)

Operation of back-end solutions for broadband Internet service providers (ISPs)

Internet service providers (ISPs) operate complex back-end solutions for providing (wireless) broadband access services. For years, Monzoon solutions have been tried and tested in our own, country-wide Swiss WLAN hotspot service and have been deployed effectively by network operators in numerous other countries.

Monzoon provides the following operating services:

  • Broadband access gateways
  • Hotspot router services for local connection of the access network
  • Access control/AAA with UAM and WISPr support and Hotspot 2.0/Passpoint© technology
  • Setting up prepaid, postpaid, and roaming access products for end customers and visitors
  • Cross-vendor network surveillance, configuration management, and traffic monitoring
  • Inter-carrier billing for roaming
  • Generation of usage and performance statistics
  • Administrative support also available on request, e.g. designing and printing scratchcards and marketing materials (flyers, table stands, etc.)