Wireless networks

Are you planning a wireless network for visitors to your office or guests at a restaurant or another dining establishment? Monzoon offers comprehensive advice and assistance. Mix and match a variety of operating models:

  • Commercial Internet access for visitors
  • Free Internet access for customers
  • Sponsored Internet access in association with business partners and suppliers

Back-end solutions for broadband Internet service providers (ISPs)

Internet service providers (ISPs) operate complex back-end solutions for providing (wireless) broadband access services. For years, Monzoon solutions have been tried and tested in our own, country-wide Swiss WLAN hotspot service and have been deployed effectively by network operators in numerous other countries.

Monzoon offers planning, implementation, and commissioning services for:

  • Broadband access gateways
  • Hotspot router services for local connection of the access network
  • Access control/AAA with UAM and WISPr support
  • Setting up prepaid, postpaid, and roaming access products for end customers and visitors
  • Cross-vendor network surveillance, configuration management, and traffic monitoring

Buying or renting

Monzoon also offers comprehensive hardware solutions for large projects, both for purchase and for rent.