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The Internet of Things («IoT» for short) refers to the connection of machines and objects (e.g. sensors or controllers) to the Internet. These objects communicate independently via the Internet, enabling them to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Measuring and monitoring

Our sensors take care of all manner of different measurement and monitoring tasks for you, such as:

  • Temperature, humidity, dew point, light intensity
  • Whether windows and doors are closed
  • Motion
  • Water ingress
  • Electricity meters
  • Building installation alarms
  • And much more

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Wireless or cable

Our sensors can be easily and wirelessly integrated into the Monzoon back-end system, i.e. via an LPWAN or Wi-Fi connection. Sensors can be placed at the point of use and will start working immediately. Wired alarm contacts and telecontrol information can be flexibly integrated.

Comprehensive wireless coverage via LPWAN

Monzoon takes care of planning, delivering, and installing the necessary wireless gateways for LPWAN. The provision of these systems is compensated through monthly flat-rate operating fees. Just three to four of these wireless gateways are sufficient to supply entire shopping centers - right down to the technical operating rooms in the basement.

Collecting, transferring, and processing sensor data

Monzoon takes care of the entire process chain of collecting and processing sensor data. This data is stored on redundant server systems in protected data centers in Switzerland and is provided for post-processing.

Use by customer applications or provided on Monzoon's web-based applications or mobile apps

The processed sensor data can be made available by Monzoon for any customer application via customizable interfaces. Monzoon has extensive front-end applications for use via web browsers and mobile apps for Android© and iPhone©. In these applications, sensor data is presented in the form of a graph and via status widgets. Statistical analyses allow for detailed documentation of processes.

Notifications based on customer needs

There are countless options for notifications via SMS, e-mail, and apps. Customers can also configure their own framework conditions such as alarm conditions, location configuration, opening hours, multi-level escalation processes, etc.


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Beat Aeschlimann

Beat AeschlimannCEO - Monzoon Networks

What does «IoT for consumers» mean?

The term «IoT for consumers» is employed whenever IoT is used in medicine, product lines, entertainment devices and smart home products. Take the example of heating: In order to save energy, a thermostat is equipped with a sensor. An external device with special software is then installed on the boiler. Both installations are connected to the Internet and set the temperature automatically according to predefined values - without human intervention.

What is the role of IoT in Industry 4.0?

The role of IoT in Industry 4.0 is to address processes in factories, logistics and production. This is another area in which devices and other objects are equipped with intelligent sensors and networked with each other. This allows, for example, production processes to be better planned and made more cost- and time-efficient.