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Surfing the Internet can entail a variety of threats and exposes you to risks posed by unethical websites and liability claims. Monzoon's Web Filtering Service is based on a hosting solution at a secure data center that provides web URL filtering for hotspots and other customers. Internet content is filtered to comply with company or individual policy. This monthly service is based on website categories and ratings that are updated regularly, with a choice of standard or custom categories.


  • No hardware, so no investment in costly on-premises solutions necessary
  • Regular updates
  • Your choice of customizable categories or quick-to-implement standard categories
  • Easy to combine with operating a local hotspot

Service based on standard categories. Individual categories on request. Implementation from CHF 302.40 (one-time fee).


  • For Mini-Hotspots


  • For hotspot solutions

All prices in CHF incl. VAT.