Our service

Hotel guests expect free Internet with maximum availability. Easy access should also be combined with the hotel's own branding.

Monzoon has solutions to cover all the bases, focusing on your individual requirements every step of the way. Providing technical support for all sub-areas from the planning, implementation, and operation of your own project right through to a turnkey hotspot installation, Monzoon offers a customized solution. Choose from specific services depending on your needs or existing network infrastructure.

As a registered ISP, Monzoon assumes responsibility for compliance with telecommunications law on your behalf. You needn't worry about a thing!

With our VPIP service, you can achieve maximum availability with your Internet connection thanks to the combination of two independent lines - while still benefiting from being contactable via a fixed IP address.

Flexible and individual

Would you like to offer your guests free Internet access or theme the welcome page of your wireless LAN and prepaid cards to match your hotel design?

Sponsored Hotspot

Would you like to deepen a business relationship with a supplier or partner? Use your network for advertisement and sponsoring: The welcome page and prepaid cards are ideal for featuring sponsors.


The comprehensive Wi-Fi solution for entire buildings

Commercial hotspot

Monzoon Hotspot gives you a public wireless LAN facility with no infrastructural investment on your part. Shared sales revenues allow you to also benefit from guests' Internet usage. Monzoon supplies and maintains all of the necessary hardware.