Personal and competent advice

All buildings are different. Structures such as walls, shelves, cabinets, air ducts, or metal pipes affect wireless coverage. For this reason, effective WLAN planning is based on a wireless measurement that evaluates the required number and optimal placement of access points.

Even during operation, dynamic sources of interference - from microwaves or wireless video transmissions right through to your neighbor's Wi-Fi - can interfere with your own use of the Internet. Subsequent measurement and analysis can identify any dead spots and interference.

We come to you and measure your building with test installations and the necessary software. This approach ensures that, during operation, your wireless system works exactly as planned. If you wish, we can compile a detailed wireless report and provide building plans with recommended locations of access points or suggestions for improvements.

Our services

  • Checking the wireless signal throughout the building
  • Providing information about the number of access points required and their positioning
  • Eliminating any dead spots
  • Integrating additional areas
  • Continuously trained support staff with fully up-to-date expertise
  • Detailed information about the current situation with site survey reports and plans
  • Accurate analysis of signal strength and quality
  • Search for potential interference
  • Development of suggestions for improvement

Your advantages

  • Smooth operation of your WLAN
  • Security via wireless connection and functions
  • Efficient and long-term problem resolution
  • Detailed documentation
Wireless measurement
Picture: Wireless measurement