The situation

When a company moves into new offices, a data cable network is normally the first thing to be installed. LAN switches and Internet routers follow; WLAN access points are then added, perhaps followed by a firewall with VPN functions.

However, rental spaces are increasingly being used in flexible ways, which means:

  • The spaces used by a company are subject to constant change
  • A company may only use a space for a short amount of time
  • Several small companies use the same space, e.g. an open-plan office
  • Visitors should be able to use a public WLAN

Landlords of spaces like these are increasingly required to offer not only common additional services such as cleaning, access control, and secretarial services, etc., but also a complete service for data networks and Internet access.

Our solution

Monzoon provides a full-coverage data network across the entire rented area - both wired and wireless.

A centralized, quick (and redundant if required) Internet connection is provided via a high-performance firewall solution for individual company networks that is monitored and centrally managed by Monzoon.

The following functions are available:

  • Every company - even if it only has one computer - receives the required number of data network connections for its own use for computers, printers, NAS, etc.
  • Every company gets its own, encrypted Wi-Fi network that only it can access
  • Every company gets its own VPN connection so that off-site employees can securely access internal data
  • The different data networks are kept strictly separate from one another
  • Monzoon can change the number and location of data connections and corporate WLAN connections at short notice
  • One or more guest WLANs are available in selected areas or across the entire site

Our services

Monzoon is responsible for all installation and operation work as a general contractor.

As a registered provider of telecommunications services, Monzoon is legally bound to strict confidentiality regulations. The operation of Internet access points is subject to various legal regulations; if providers of telecommunications services fail to comply, they may face criminal prosecution.

Our services include:

  • Basic evaluation
  • Analysis of current situation (important when integrating existing data infrastructures such as existing cabling)
  • Planning the entire solution
  • Installing cabling and network components, including construction supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Continuous operation of the solution with constant adaptation to changing circumstances, including the monitoring of quality and security parameters
  • Monzoon assumes responsibility for operating the public WLAN hotspot service

Throughout this process, we consider which services have already been provided through existing infrastructures (e.g. existing cabling) or by other partners (e.g. specialist electrical companies).

Monzoon can offer the provision of infrastructure to the landlord both for sale and for rent.

Flexible Office Service
Picture: Flexible Office Service