Many service providers plan wireless Internet access for guests of their business customers (hotels, companies, restaurants, event halls, etc.) and operate public WLAN networks that require a central authentication/access platform for user identification, e.g. by way of SMS code, at various sites.

For this purpose, Monzoon offers a provider platform based on its MINAS architecture.

We would be happy to discuss a solution with you that takes your requirements into account.

The most important modules

RADIUS - Server

User management and access control.

MINAS - Access Server

The MINAS Access Server developed by Monzoon bridges communication between the user access network (WLAN, Ethernet, etc.) and the Internet. It incorporates basic functions such as the management and allocation of IP addresses via DHCP, session management, routing, firewalls, and others. Policy enforcement measures based on RADIUS guidelines are also implemented.


A multi-client location database that centrally manages and distributes location parameters such as address, contact information, geographical coordinates, roaming partnerships, traffic shaping parameters, lawful interception information, and much more.

Service Interconnects

A number of service interconnections are available, such as SMS gateways, PMS interfaces for hotels, scanning solutions for ID cards, passports, QR codes, boarding cards, etc., payment methods such as by credit card, PayPal, etc., data collections for marketing purposes, roaming interfaces, etc.

Lawful Interception Service

Information gateway for official inquiries.