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Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT). It's caught on and you'll be hearing a lot about it now and in the future.

There are various definitions of IoT. For us, this IT sector term means that everyday items, objects of different sorts and machines are connected to each other via the Internet.

IoT devices can be equipped with RFID chips, sensors, data storage or software systems and communicate with each other via an IP network or LPWAN. This is why they are called «smart». By connecting to the Internet, the devices act autonomously, adapting automatically to different situations and reacting autonomously to specific scenarios.

IoT Architecture

The 4 stages of an IoT architecture

You, us and the Internet of Things

We offer a broad range of IoT-related services tailored to your needs. We offer different services for intra-building communication systems, WLAN and LPWAN.

Building communication systems

  • Planning, implementation and operation of data networks such as routers, switches and WLAN
  • Internet access/cable/IP transit
  • LAN cabling systems
  • Communications for building services engineering
  • IoT access networks and service connection

We can also your install air conditioning, heating, lighting control and many more things securely and flexibly in the existing data network environment. We ensure that you are shielded from outside access and that access to the system is only granted with necessary authorisation.

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Here you will find hardware and services for your network or IoT project.


  • Direct and public access to the Internet for visitors and employees with their personal devices (Bring Your Own Device)
  • Encrypted traffic (SSID) from proprietary devices to a firewall or VPN server
  • Structured network concepts for connecting downstream equipment, such as monitoring or payment processing systems
  • An autonomous and independent infrastructure that does not interfere with the existing IT environment


  • Optional installation of comprehensive services, such as temperature monitoring for refrigeration equipment and cold stores for the catering industry, hospitals, pharmacies and drugstores, indoor climate monitoring and parking management
  • Personal access and network server environment
  • Post-processing interfaces for common cloud services
  • Mediation interface for particular implementation
  • Connection of notification services (SMS, e-mail, REST or similar)
  • Store your data in our facilities in Switzerland with High-Availability Storage

What can we do to help you with IoT? Get in touch with us. Together we will find the right solution for you.

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