Our service

Monzoon's virtual public IP is a type of virtual, redundant Internet access point which can be provided with static IP addresses if required. For local/physical Internet connections, you can benefit from low-cost offers (even with dynamic IP addresses). Monzoon provides you with one or two (for router redundancy) managed routers that tunnel into Monzoon's secure back-end via any existing physical Internet connection. The static IP addresses are routed via these tunnels.


  • Achieve excellent availability with low-cost consumer Internet access
  • Bundle cable, DSL, and FTTH connections
  • Switch your local ISP at any time without having to renumber
  • Optional encryption possible
  • Advice for optimizing your individual Internet access

Still no Internet access?

With us, you get «simply internet» - copper (DSL) or fiber-optic (FTTH) Internet access available across Switzerland - with complete flexibility, no restrictions, no subscription, and no connection fee.