About Monzoon Networks

We at Monzoon Networks AG are proud to be one of the first European providers of public wireless Internet access and services. Our extensive wireless network offers fast Internet access at over 1,000 hotspots throughout Switzerland.

Since 2000, we have had the pleasure of being able to support our customers in realizing their IT projects and connecting people. We offer tailored complete solutions from a single source for the requirements of various customer areas, such as hotels and guest houses, educational institutions, transport companies, hospitals, event venues, and industry.

With the digital revolution, we have expanded our wide-ranging portfolio to include the exciting business line of the «Internet of Things», or IoT for short.

Our successful pilot projects allowed us to gather valuable experience. As a service provider, Monzoon maintains its own network server for connecting its LPWAN gateways. Our service package also gives you access to our internally developed platform for managing networks and customer notifications.


The first active IoT product network is installed on our customer's premises

Our internally developed management platform is included.


The new IoT (Internet of Things) business line is launched

The first IoT product systems are developed.

IoT/LoRa (Samsung Hall) pilot project

The first sensors to measure air quality are installed.


Monzoon Networks (Deutschland) GmbH is founded with its headquarters in Hohentengen am Hochrhein

Since mid-2017 it has been our pleasure to also support international customers with specialist experience in our core competences.


Pre-paid (FTTH) fiber-optic Internet access

We expand our flexible Internet-access service to include fiber-optic technology.


Flexible pre-paid ADSL and VDSL Internet access

We launch a low-price and flexible alternative for Swiss customers, offering them untied Internet access with no subscription and no connection fee.


Offices are acquired in the Riverside Business Park in Glattfelden

From this point onward, we also offer interested customers a reliable and secure data center on our premises.


SwissVPN goes live

Our international VPN service «SwissVPN» with ten parallel-operating VPN servers is launched.


Offices are acquired in Regensdorf

Change of scenery - we move our offices to Riedthofstrasse 124 in Regensdorf.

«Pioneering work as a start-up company»

«Since all major telecom providers slept through the boom here in Switzerland, the small Zurich-based start-up Monzoon Networks has been able to secure many profitable hotspots with hardly any competition until now, albeit with a great deal of tough pioneering work. The company has already fitted out a total of 25 first-class hotspots in Switzerland, a number which is set to rise to 100 by the end of the year...»
Handelszeitung of September 10, 2002 - author: Beat Welte


Hotspot at Zurich Airport

In summer 2001, the first hotspot is activated at Zurich Airport - its first users are an American basketball team.


Monzoon Networks AG is founded

Monzoon Networks AG is inaugurated by four founders in November 2000. Our first offices were located at Hardturmstrasse 235 in Zurich.