Simple Internet

Would you like to access the Internet quickly and easily? Whether you choose DSL or fibre optics, we're there to provide you with the best possible support for your Internet connection. As an Internet Service Provider (ISP), we provide Internet access to many. Send and receive large volumes of data using a solution tailored to your needs.

Fast, safe, reliable

Enjoy unlimited surfing with high reliability and speed - without subscription costs and activation fee. We'll provide you with the necessary know-how and appropriate hardware such as modem and router, preconfigured for all Internet and system environments, from home networks to corporate networks.

Prepaid DSL/FTTH - Save money now!

«simply internet» with no subscription and no connection fee

Choose from our extensive range!

Our infrastructure and many years of experience allow us to offer you tailor-made solutions that will fit your needs perfectly. Whether you need business Internet solutions or site networking: Ask us about availability, SLAs and fixed IP addresses.

Carrier Data Services

Site networking

Just sit back - we'll manage your network

Would you like to offer Internet access for your company's guests and customers or do you need support in managing complex networks? We would be happy to support you in your projects.


The comprehensive Wi-Fi solution for entire buildings

Encryption around the world

Do you want to surf safely while on the road? Then SwissVPN is just the thing for you: Internet access is secured through an encrypted VPN tunnel from your computer to a Swiss data center in Zurich. With a VPN tunnel, we prevent unauthorized access to ensure that your surfing always remains private.

SwissVPN - Surf more securely now!

Encrypted connections to the Swiss Internet - worldwide